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Ekos: perfume essences produce sustainable development.
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Ekos: perfume essences produce sustainable development.

2.008 Nova Lima:  Fundação Dom Cabral,  2008.  (Casos FDC ; CF0801) 24 p. BOECHAT, Cláudio. Caso Boechat, Cláudio 1956- BOECHAT, Cláudio. Natura, a Brazilian cosmetics company, started in 2000 with a strategy of using raw material extracted from the Brazilian vegetal biodiversity as a platform for its products. These plants were the basis for Natura Ekos Line, a very successful set of cosmetic products. In order to scale local production while guaranteeing sustainable extraction, the company built a new business model. It involved small communities, NGOs and government promoting the local sustainable development in a process that Natura not only participated, but also differentiated itself by in the market. Natura's overarching philosophy was to maximize benefits for nature, communities and the company simultaneously, through business pursuits. As a part of Natura's commitment to social responsibility, it established relationships with rural communities that extract raw material from Brazilian vegetal biodiversity as suppliers. In Pará, three communities - Campo Limpo, Boa Vista e Cotijuba - were contracted in 2003 to produce priprioca, a kind of grass which roots yield a rare delicate fragrance. Business increased so much that in 2006 Natura built a new industrial plant to produce soap in the region. Português 005.35 B669e 2008