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Designing the value chain of local products.
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Designing the value chain of local products.

2.008 Nova Lima:  Fundação Dom Cabral,  2008.  (Caderno de Ideias ; CI0844) 19 p. KRUCKEN, Lia. Caderno de Ideias Krucken, Lia KRUCKEN, Lia. The focus of the paper is on a novel identification of design expertise as a potential contributor to defining and augmenting value chains. The design approach, more than any other, seems to bring qualitative enrichment to this analysis, taking into account economical, and social, cultural and environmental perspectives. The main contributions of design thinking to value chains are: a) the visualization of the chain and the envision of futures, b) the proposition of strategies to add value to products, integrating knowledge from partners, c) the planning of innovative forms of intermediation between producers and consumers, d) the identification of "local qualities" that can be communicated to society, improving the products image and its region of origin. In order to illustrate the analysis application, the essential oil value chain is briefly presented. In conclusion, a systemic, integrated and multilevel approach is needed to support coordinated actions to add value to local products, thus
promoting long-term sustainable development.
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