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 Quality of life: : flourishing in the work context.
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 Quality of life: : flourishing in the work context.

2.022  Current Psychology, v. 41, p. 6987-7002, 2022.   FABRICIO, Adriane;  KACZAM, Fabíola <i>et al.</i> Artigo Fabricio, Adriane FABRICIO, Adriane;  KACZAM, Fabíola <i>et al.</i> This article aims to examine the state of the art of research on flourishing in the context of work. To achieve the objective, we conducted a systematic review using two databases from 1960 to 2019. In conducting the research, we adopted the Tranfield, Denyer, and Smart protocol, which covers three stages: i) planning the review; ii) conducting the review; iii) dissemination of knowledge. We screened 1545 studies and included 126 to synthesize. The results showed that flourishing is approached concerning derivative terms such as well-being, psychological well-being, and mental health, rather than precisely as flourishing per se. Through content analysis, we developed a typology based on three clusters: “Human Flourishing,” “Mental Health,” and “Positive Psychology.” We found that most publications focus on investigating human flourishing, not individuals’ flourishing from their work perspective, indicating that the international scientific community has hardly explored this theme. The information presented may serve as a scientific basis to develop future research, given the theme’s recent increase in interest. Inglês Solicite o PDF