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 Public-private partnerships and value for money..
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 Public-private partnerships and value for money..

2.022  Public Works Management & Policy, United States, jun. 2022.   SILVA, Robson de Faria;  SOUZA, Alceu <i>et al.</i> Artigo Silva, Robson de Faria SILVA, Robson de Faria;  SOUZA, Alceu <i>et al.</i> The implementation of infrastructure projects is one element that drives economic development. When considering the high costs and complexity of these projects, the importance of analysis is highlighted a little more than traditional value for money when such projects are carried out in a public-private partnership. This article examines the state of the art of research on evaluating public-private partnership performance considering evidence of value for money. For this purpose, a systematic literature review was conducted based on the scientific production available in the Scopus and Web of Science databases. The main contributions of this study consist of presenting (1) a set of papers on performance evaluation that considers VfM as a complement to its evaluation systems, comparatively or inclusively in its analyses; (2) a methodological framework; and (3) guidelines for future research. This study provides insights for developing empirical studies in a wide range of contexts or sectors. Inglês Documento eletrônico