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Improving performance aligning business analytics with process orientation.
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Improving performance aligning business analytics with process orientation.

2.013  International Journal Of Information Management, v. 33, n. 2, p. 300-307, apr. /may 2013.   RESENDE, Paulo Tarso Vilela de. Artigo Resende, Paulo Tarso Vilela de RESENDE, Paulo Tarso Vilela de. How to align business analytics with process orientation initiatives and how management can influence a synergistic accomplishment of these two elements in order to streamline organizational performance is a foremost managerial issue. By means of a quantitative research effort, a study was designed to investigate the relationships among these constructs. Empirical data were collected in 2011 from a survey of 368 large and mid-sized industrial and service companies headquartered in Brazil. A quantitative analysis was performed, and both the reliability and validity of the scales were evaluated prior to using structural equation modeling. The results demonstrate that the direct effects among BPO, analytical indicators and performance can be taken as statistically significant. The findings also demonstrate that BPO and analytical indicators can be taken as predictors of performance. The paper discusses these results and their managerial implications, as well as some research paths for future studies on the topic. Inglês 005 R433i 2013