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Psychoanalysis and contemporany subject-work-organizations relations.
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Psychoanalysis and contemporany subject-work-organizations relations.

2.012  International Forum Of Psychoanalysis, v. 21, n. 1, p.35-40, Jan./Feb. 2012.   SANT'ANNA, Anderson de Souza. Artigo Sant'Anna, Anderson de Souza SANT'ANNA, Anderson de Souza. What are the implications of the new management models, which are typical of contemporary organizations, on the subjects who depend on their work for a living? Which are the new symptoms and pathologies that define contemporary organizations? What could psychoanalytical studies contribute towards a greater understanding of the contemporary modes of subjectworkorganizations relations? As answers, we should stress the relevance of deeper conversations between organizational studies and
psychoanalysis, as in its extension it will offer significant potential with regard to new gazes and theoreticalmethodological approaches that will allow broader visions
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