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Atex do Brasil: a new strategic network model.
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Atex do Brasil: a new strategic network model.

2,012 Nova Lima, MG:  Fundação Dom  Cabral,  2012.  (Casos FDC ; CF1205) 8 p. TADEU, Hugo Ferreira Braga. Case Study Tadeu, Hugo Ferreira Braga TADEU, Hugo Ferreira Braga. Since the implementation of the Real Plan, the Brazilian economy has been the object of a series of governmental measures, such as the adoption of an exchange rate goal regime, the quest for inflation curbing and the reduction of public spending. In this economic environment, the world experienced several international crises such as those in Argentina, in Russia, in Mexico and, recently, in the United States, brought about by an unsound credit system and the absence of clear regulation. Inglês 1 005.342 T121a.Pd 2012