Fundação Dom Cabral
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FDC: The 12th best business school in the world according to the Financial Times newspaper executive education ranking.

FDC at a glance

The 10th best business school in the world according to the Financial Times newspaper executive education ranking.

 Fundação Dom Cabral has made history for more than four decades.

Fundação Dom Cabral links management theory with practice, academic training with business expertise, and sustainability with client projects. For more than 40 years, FDC has developed executives, public managers, private managers and entrepreneurs from organizations across the globe. The business school provides domestic and international educational solutions that focus on innovative business thinking. These solutions are supported by strategic alliances and cooperation agreements with renowned institutions in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, India, Russia and Latin America. The influential network of schools allows FDC to access additional cutting-edge management tools, share management experiences and generate joint knowledge. 

FDC’s philosophy – to work with clients, not simply for them – respects the culture of organizations, the specific needs of diverse industries and market dynamics. The business school has become a global benchmark, contributing to the sustainable development of society through education and training. FDC programs host about 27,000 participants each year, create value for organizations and society and promote sustainable business ventures. ​

Institutional Support​:

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To contribute to the sustainable development of society by educating, developing and building the skills of executives, entrepreneurs and public managers.​

Educational solutions for business development.​

Strategic Objective 
To be a reference in developing executives and organizations.


I. Usefulness: to be useful toward building society, Fundação Dom Cabral’s reason for being.
II. Partnership: as a result of the interaction among Fundação Dom Cabral, people, institutions and companies, and through which limitations are overcome and solutions are achieved.
III. Valuing People: an internal strength that stems from receptiveness and that will lead to joint building within the perception that each one will contribute in one’s own way, and no one will be excluded.
IV. Autonomy: the firm belief that freedom of choice leads people to a feeling of ownership within their range of actions while observing the institution’s principles and values.
V. Daring and Tenacity: so that the impossible may be tried while persevering at overcoming challenges and barriers on the way to building the dream of being a reference as an institution.​
VI. Quality and Innovation: to be at the forefront in the quest to do what is best for clients, who are the main focus of its actions.
VII. Ethics: concentrating on practicing loyalty, trust and transparency in our relations with third parties while recognizing our mistakes and correcting our paths.
VIII. Self-sustainability: as an institution, FDC will cultivate intellectual independence, austerity and efficiency to maintain its sustainable growth. 

 FDC Covenant

The FDC Covenant was prepared for the first time in 2006 and it expresses the institution’s commitment to ethics in its relations with all its stakeholders. It offers guidelines to build harmonious relations both internally and externally.​. ​​​


Extract of the Statute of the Fundação Dom Cabral, on March 19, 2018​. ​


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