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Welcome to the Research and Collections page. Here you will find FDC Knowledge Centers and all the production made by us in different formats. We hope this material will be useful to assist the development of individuals and companies.​


FDC invests in the generation and articulation of knowledge, developing methodologies, research, articles and cases based on analyzes and reflections on themes that impact the corporate world, in order to increase the understanding of business environments.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center:

The Center manages and organizes a community of practice called CRI (Reference Center for Innovation). The CRI community of practice hosts regular meetings in which member firms share trends and experiences and generate state-of-the-art, useful, and applicable knowledge. This CRI Center has been working on the development of knowledge of innovation management and digital transformation, conducting research, and preparing cases, articles, and programmes on the following themes: Innovation Management, International Competitiveness; Entrepreneurship; Digital Technologies and their impact on companies.

The community practice comprises 30 companies divided into large  organizations, medium size companies, startups, and universities.  The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center also partners and cooperates in R&D projects with the World Economic Forum (competitiveness), IMD (competitiveness); IBP (innovation), Mining Hub (innovation), Deloitte (innovation and digital transformation), amongst others.​

Meet Hugo Tadeu, Executive Manager of the Center:​

Hugo Tadeu is a professor at Fundação Dom Cabral. He has worked on relevant innovation and productivity projects in large companies such as Petrobras, Braskem, Ypê, Embraer, Saint Gobain, TV Globo, Samarco, Ambev, Bradesco, Itaú, Mercedes Benz, Subsea 7, AGCO, CNH, Nexa Resources, J&J, IBM among others. Similarly, he brought results in projects for medium-sized companies in several Brazilian cities. He leads the National Innovation Reference Center and research on innovation, digital transformation and productivity by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. Innovation Expert at the World Economic Forum and member of the ISO innovation committee. Post-doctorate in Simulation and Decision Making from Sauder School of Business (Canada), PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais and executive training at Singularity University and MIT. Professor Hugo Tadeu works in the Professional Master's Degree, Executive MBA, Post-MBA, STC, PDE and in programs for large organizations. Technical leader of Open Programs in Digital Transformation, OpenLab and Digital Government. He is Visiting Professor at Sauder School of Business (Canada), ESCP (Paris) and Insper (São Paulo). Author of national and international articles, as well as books published in Brazil, United States, Europe and China. He has been a writer in several newspapers such as Brasil Econômico, Estado de Minas, O Tempo, NewsComex and Instituto Millenium. He has received important awards in recent years, such as the best book of the Bienal do Livro in São Paulo and highlighted professional by the Regional Board of Directors of Minas Gerais. Prior to working at FDC he was professor at the João Pinheiro Foundation, PUC Minas, FGV, Anima Educação and founded two education startups. Topics of interest: innovation, digital transformation and productivity.

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logistics, SUPPLY CHAIN AND infra​structure CENTER

The Center aims to transform the study of logistics and supply chain management into practices applied to the routine of organizations, aiming to provide an environment of value creation through logistical processes.

In 2017, the Center attracted a great deal of media, government and private sector attention due to its creation and implementation of the Transportation Logistics Infrastructure Platform (PILT), based at the Aloysio Faria Campus. With support from the private sector, PILT’s purpose is to contribute to governmental institutions, trade associations and private companies in the transport sector through the identification of vital structuring projects, the reduction of logistical costs and urban transport. The platform’s goal is to be transformed into the main benchmark for knowledge generation and management of transport infrastructure in Brazil.

The Center has also become the main source of programme content and methodologies for FDC programs focused on the themes of Company Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Meet Paulo Resende, Executive Manager of the Center:​

Professor and researcher at Fundação Dom Cabral in the areas of Logistics, Value Chain, Supply Chain and Transportation Planning. He is Director of the Logistics, Supply Chain and Infrastructure Center, General Coordinator of the Infrastructure Platform in Transport Logistics of FDC, Editor-in-Chief of DOM Magazine and Columnist of Logistics and Infrastructure of Broadcast, content platform of the Agência Estado. Paulo holds a PhD in Transportation Planning and Logistics from the University of Illinois (USA) and a Master's degree in Transportation Planning and Engineering from Memphis State University (USA), an expert in statistics and urban planning from the University of Illinois (USA). He is a member of the Supply Chain Council (USA) and Capacity Committee Member, Transportation Research Board (USA) and author of books in the areas of logistics, transportation, value chain, supply chain management, sales and distribution channels.

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The Center contributes to the development of the organizations through the generation and sharing of knowledge with respect to strategic processes, including strategy formulation, development and execution, and the strategic learning process.

Following FDC’s institutional definition of aggregating strategy and governance in one of its reference areas for research and development, the Center has started in 2022 a research project on how corporate boards work with CEOs and C-level teams in relation to strategy. The initial objective is to understand those practices at large companies that have their corporate boards based in Brazil.

The Center is also supporting the Executive Education area of FDC through the development of a Strategy Reference Model that will inform FDC’s project managers for their work with clients in custom programs.

The center also conducts the project Ranking of Internationalisation of Brazilian Multinational Companies since 2006. The objective of this project has been modified towards a better understanding of the process of internationalization of those companies. The project has been renamed as Trajectories of Internationalisation Brazilian Companies. Data collection is now done every two years, leaving more time for in depth analysis, divulgation, and discussion of the results.

Meet Aldemir Drummond, Executive Manager of the Center:

Aldemir Drummond Junior holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Cambridge, England and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. He was Executive Director of Executive Development, Teachers and Education of Fundação Dom Cabral - FDC from 2016 to 2020. Professor of Strategy and Organizations at FDC, working in the following areas: competitive strategy, implementation of strategies, strategies of multinational companies, strategies in emerging economies. At FDC, he served as a coordinating professor at the FDC's International Strategy and Business Center, technical coordinator of the Strategy & Execution program, and coordinated the BRICs on BRICs program. In customized programs, he has worked with senior executives of companies such as ABB, Arcelor Mittal, British American Tobacco, Bosch, Bunge, EADS, Embraer, Halma, NEC, Novartis, Pirelli, Syngenta, Vale, Votorantim and VW. Aldemir was Director of People (2001 - 2004) and Coordinator of the Executive MBA (1998 - 2001), at FDC.

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people and LEADERSHIP development CENTER

The Center is dedicated to studies and structuring of educational solutions for the development of leaders aligned with the new business context. This Center has been working on the development of research projects on the following themes: Leadership (diversity and innovation); Women’s Leadership; and Relational Leadership. In 2022, this Center will be reorganized, with a new director and faculty members developing new lines of research including Leadership Continuity, the Future of the Workforce and Leadership Purpose & Meaning.​​

Sustainability center

The Center works to increase the competitiveness and socio-environmental performance of companies. It develops insights and tools, which assist companies in creating value both for the shareholders and for society in general. Another aspect of the Center’s work is to emphasize the theme of Sustainability at the Board of Directors level, including the social and environmental considerations in organizations’ risk assessment. In collaboration with the Innovation Center at FDC, we launched an e-book entitled “Innovation: The motor of ESG” with contributions of various board members, C-level executives, and experts in ESG.

The Center continues to produce Sustainability Benchmarking Studies. In the last three years we published benchmarkings for financial institutions and Brazilian Agribusiness. The research results are used in our Global Agribusiness Academy as well as a new online course on “ESG in Brazilian Agribusiness”.  The Sustainability Center, for the 11th consecutive year, coordinates the Ranking Época Negócios 360º. The ranking evaluates the biggest Brazilian companies in terms of financial performance, corporate governance, RH, innovation, sustainability, and their vision for the future. The Ranking is executed and published in a partnership with Editora Globo´s Época Negócios, a magazine of major circulation and national impact.

The Center launched a new initiative regarding impact intrapreneurship together with the following corporate partners: BASF, Vedacit, Klüber Lubrication, Nestlé, Natura, VLI and Gerdau. We produced an online course on Impact Intrapreneurship which has since 2020 trained more than 2.000 executives and has been used by the UN Global Compact. At BASF alone we challenged more than 500 participants to present pitches of shared value projects and have seen at least 6 projects being implemented.

Beyond its own workstream, the Center offers support and general assistance to FDC programmes, particularly to CEOs’ Legacy, PDC - Corporate Board Development Programme, Corporate Sustainability and the Specialisation Programme.

Meet Heiko Spitzeck, Executive Manager of the Center:

Heiko Spitzeck is a professor in sustainability and Manager of FDC’s Sustainability Center. Heiko holds a PhD in Business Ethics from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Bamberg (Germany). Prof. Spitzeck is a member of the Brazilian Global Compact Committee and advisor to the Collective Platform – a social investment initiative of Coca-Cola Brazil. He was an assistant professor at Cranfield University's School of Management – Doughty Center for Corporate Responsibility (England), a visiting researcher at the University of California at Berkeley (USA) and Fordham University (USA), a researcher at the Institute of Business Ethics at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). Prof. Spitzeck works in graduate programs, customized, partnerships and open at FDC. As a professor he worked in programs in companies such as BASF, BNDES, Sicredi, Coca Cola, Tecnisa, Michelin, Queiroz Galvão, BB Mapfre, Zurich, Camargo Corrêa, Nestlé, Siemens, Fidens, André Maggi Group, among others. He was a consultant in the areas of corporate responsibility and sustainability at Tripos Consulting (UK), director of international affairs and president of The St. Gallen Section at oikos International (Switzerland), communications and high technology consultant at Accenture (Germany) and co-founder, responsible for business planning, quality manager and IT consultant at I-masco GmbH (Germany). He is the author of books and articles focused on Sustainability.

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