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Foreign direct investment and “peak globalization”.
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Foreign direct investment and “peak globalization”.

2,018  Columbia FDI Perspectives, n. 230, jul./2018.   BRAGA, Carlos Alberto Primo. Article Braga, Carlos Alberto Primo BRAGA, Carlos Alberto Primo. Globalization is characterized by the growing economic interdependence across countries, fostered by international trade, migration, knowledge, and capital flows. Attitudes toward this process vary significantly. More recently, they have been impacted by the global financial crisis and the rise of populist leaderships that blame globalization for job destruction and rising income inequality. Financial globalization has slowed down significantly since 2008. By 2016, global cross-border capital flows had declined roughly 65% vis-à-vis the peak (of US$12.4 trillion) reached in 2007.1 Most of this adjustment was associated with the reduction of foreign exposure by Eurozone banks amid the Eurozone crisis.2 But FDI flows also fluctuated significantly over the past few years, and they only recovered to levels similar to those reached at the eve of the crisis by 2016. Inglês