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Partnership with Social Organizations

FDC offers its expertise in management and executive training to  Civil Society Organizations to increase results, broaden the scope of their actions  and promote effective transformation of society.

The Partnership with Social Organizations was designed to help Civil Society Organizations incorporate management tools into their day-to-day practices, aiming at making them self-sustained and more attractive for investment. To that end, Fundação Dom Cabral offers its expertise in management and executive training to improve the results of these institutions and promoting actions of greater impact.

Civil Society Organizations interested in improving their management skills and results and increasing the range of their actions.


Management process
Management process is the central axis of the Partnership and aims to implement results-based management methodology. It is developed separately with managers from Civil Society
Organizations – president (main leader), directors and managers – and involves a systematic process of meetings, with technical coordination provided by FDC teachers using
various learning tools. Steps in the process:

Joint development of the future vision of the organization, development and implementation of strategic planning with the organization, having a three-year perspective.

The results contract is based on the strategic project, with the established annual targets.

Monitoring and assessment of the results of established goals, checking accomplishments and redirecting actions if necessary.

FDC Teachers and professional experts, along with professionals from the partner organization, work to improve management by connecting theory to everyday practice in different areas. Monitoring is customized and management methodologies are gradually implemented according to the needs of each organization. Tools in the areas of finance, marketing, personnel, processes and projects, and others are used, as well as those specific to Civil Society Organizations such as the ones linked to strategic planning, governance, planning and evaluation of results of social projects, mobilization of resources and volunteering.

Here, the managers of the organizations take part in the Leadership Development Program (PDD), together with leaders of other partner organizations and executives of Partners for Excellence (PAEX). This is a 96-hour training program, divided into six modules, focused on resultsbased management and emphasizing:
  • ​Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Personnel
  • Processes
  • Projects
An axis based on the collective construction of knowledge where Civil Society Organizations exchange experiences. In spite of having specific features, each organization is committed to the transformation of individuals and communities. This construct, mediated by Fundação Dom Cabral, brings together leaders of Civil Society Organizations, promoting relevant discussion of themes and exchange of experiences. This provides a shared search for management strategies that contribute to the success of programs and projects. Program activities are:

Presidents’ commitee
A select group, formed by the leader of each partner organization, discusses current issues and problems, promoting the development and integration of the partnership. Groups of leaders Leaders of partner organizations meet and exchange experiences using updated content of international standards. These meetings promote the construction of
strategies for overcoming difficulties, and of innovative proposals of the organization.

Annual network meeting
Presidents and key managers have the opportunity to interact with other organizations and companies, sectors, countries and cultures. The meeting is an opportunity to exchange ideas about scenarios and support the development of the strategic project.

  • ​ Definition of the strategy for the management of Civil Society Organizations based on an integrated model.
  • Establishment of performance indicators.
  • Monitoring targets periodically.
  • Redesigning processes emphasizing results.
  • Realignment of the strategy to raise public and private resources.
  • Improvement of project results.
  • Expanding horizons with state-of-the-art managerial knowhow.

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