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FDC Entrepreneurship for Prosperity

“Entrepreneurship for Prosperity” is an initiative designed to promote base-of-the pyramid entrepreneurship as a catalyst for social development and inclusion, and the reduction of income , reducing social inequality in Brazil.

 FDC Entrepreneurship for Prosperity

About the Initiative

“Entrepreneurship for Prosperity” is an initiative designed to promote base-of-the pyramid entrepreneurship as a catalyst for social development, reducing social inequality in Brazil. The initiative is sponsored by Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC), a leading business school in Brazil, ranked 10th by the Financial Times in executive education.

FDC typically works with over 30k executives a year. Its goal with “Entrepreneurship for Prosperity” is to empower one base-of-the-pyramid entrepreneur for each executive trained.

In order To reach the target scale, FDC is inviting partners and clients with similar purpose to form an alliance for the prosperity of Brazil - a network on which entrepreneurs can rely on, promoting sustainability for their businesses over the years.

Target Audience

The base-of-the-pyramid entrepreneurs in Brazil.


With two cores of content – Basics of Financial Management and Entrepreneurial Mindset - we developed a methodology aiming to materialize the concepts for the practical life of entrepreneurs: speaking their language, using their digital platforms, and fomenting "missions" to apply concepts into this businesses.

We will use technology to scale the initiative, creating a fun, entertaining and engaging environment enabling entrepreneurs to "learn by doing" and "at their own convenience."

In addition, the entrepreneur will have a mentor to support learning along the way


Entrepreneurship for Prosperity is a digital initiative that stimulates local businesses, and connects base-of-the-pyramid entrepreneurs to what they need most: knowledge, credit, less bureaucracy, investments from private sector, tools and common purpose.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, held in partnership with local agents (class associations, large corporations, FDC associates, etc.), we have the support of a conversational platform that encourages the entrepreneur to come into contact with his own problems when experiencing reality of other entrepreneurs like him.

Expected results

In 2018 we conducted the pilot group with 23 entrepreneurs in partnership with the City of Nova Lima. In 2019, in addition to the training of 100 popular entrepreneurs in different regions of the country and with different partners, we will consolidate the entrepreneurs' training methodology and the technological platform, so as to operate on a larger scale starting in 2020.

How to participate

We believe that the development of the entrepreneur is strongly related to the development of the environment and the community in which it is inserted. Thus Entrepreneurship for Prosperity relies on local partners, who like us, care about the prosperity of their community, city or region. It is with these local allies that we attract entrepreneurs to these networks of prosperity through Brazil.

UN objectives: 
1) Eradicate poverty; 4) Quality Education; 8) Decent work and economic growth 10) Reducing inequalities 11) Sustainable Cities and Communities​



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