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Sustainability and Social Inclusion Committee

Relevance to Society

​​The Sustainability and Social Inclusion Committee helps Fundação Dom Cabral ensure that responsible management is an ongoing process that delivers positive results for society. The committee promotes synergy and integrates FDC’s efforts to implement its strategic sustainability actions. The committee has established six shared challenges that involve the business school as a whole.

Individual Responsibility
  • Encourage and support volunteering as a citizen practice of FDC employees.
  • Prioritize actions which focus on the development of people and organizations through education.

Social Innovation/Opportunity for Everyone
  • Raise awareness so that FDC’s processes, programs and partnerships are viewed through the lens of social innovation.​
  • Expand FDC's social action in the community through social-innovation projects.

Responsible Management​​
  • Create an internal culture of collaborative awareness for sustainability and social innovation.
  • Include corporate responsibility in organizational management, product development, operations and the value chain, stimulating business and operations innovations, having the focus on sustainability.​

  • ​Develop the competence to structure educational solutions that meet the needs of society, through the research centers, products and events.
  • Engage in research and facilitate dialogue on corporate-responsibility and sustainability challenges among investors; representatives from companies, government and civil-society organizations; and other stakeholders.

Business and Society
  • ​Generate and implement educational solutions to create sustainable results for companies and society.
  • Incorporate the values of corporate responsibility and the training of effective managers into programs that can produce sustainable value for business and society.

  • Interact continually with stakeholders on the development, philosophy and implementation of FDC’s ethical, environmental and socioeconomic initiatives.
  • Support initiatives in the area of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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