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Braskem - Green plastics - The HR challenge: case estudy.
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Braskem - Green plastics - The HR challenge: case estudy.

2.016 2016. Casos FDC, 7 p. - Fundação Dom Cabral. Núcleo de Sustentabilidade, Nova Lima, MG, 2016.   SPITZECK, Heiko Hosomi. Caso Spitzeck, Heiko Hosomi SPITZECK, Heiko Hosomi. This case was written by Heiko Spitzeck, Fundação Dom Cabral ( It is
intended to be used as a basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either
effective or ineffective handling of a management situation. The case has been
compiled from publicly available sources, internal documents and interviews with
Braskem executives such as Claudia Bocciardi (Director of Institutional Marketing),
Jorge Soto (Director of Sustainable Development), Alexandre Elias (Director
Renewable Chemicals), Marcelo Arantes (Vice-President Personnel and Organization)
and Antonio Morschbacker (Director of Technology for Renewables). Further support
has been received from Sonia Chapman, Mário Pino and Aline Mariscal Padeti
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