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 Relationship between ecosystem innovation and performance measurement models..
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 Relationship between ecosystem innovation and performance measurement models..

2.022  International Journal Of Productivity And Performance Management, United Kingdom, jul. 2022.   SILVA, Deoclécio Junior Cardoso da;  LOPES, Luis Felipe Dias <i>et al.</i> Artigo Silva, Deoclécio Junior Cardoso da SILVA, Deoclécio Junior Cardoso da;  LOPES, Luis Felipe Dias <i>et al.</i> Purpose
This study examines the relationship between the innovation ecosystem and performance measurement models. Although the innovation ecosystem and measurement models are widely recognized, the existing literature lacks a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the proposed themes. Furthermore, it does not reveal how studies can be grouped to propose a thematic typology of the relationship.

The authors present a systematic literature review conducted in the Web of Science and Scopus databases, from a textual corpus that aided the proposition of the typology that aims to provide answers regarding the addressed themes.

The results of this review are based on a total of sixty peer-reviewed articles from the innovation ecosystem literature and performance measurement models between 1995 and 2020. The results make several contributions to the literature. First, by integrating evidence from empirical studies, the authors identified a typology formed by three classes: (1) ecosystem agents (2) analytical focus and (3) structured measurement tools. Second, the authors verified the relationship between the themes and discovered the existence of gaps to be filled, with the proposition of three drivers. Third, the authors presented a comprehensive mapping of field studies with a descriptive analysis of the textual corpus.
The results of the research provide important implications for researchers, managers and policy makers. Furthermore, the authors suggest directions for future research, including the need to examine the performance of the entire innovation ecosystem, integrating the different agents that exist for performance measurement.
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