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FDC Ranking of Brazilian Multinatinationals: the strength of the Brazil brand at creating international value.

Ano de Publicação 2014
Publicação Nova Lima, MG: FDC Núcleo de Negócios Internacionais, 2014.
Paginação 48 p.
Tipo de Publicação Relatório de Pesquisa
Autor Principal
Tags Internacionalização
Resumo The Fundação Dom Cabral Strategy and International Business Center is very pleased to present the 2014 FDC Ranking of Brazilian Multinationals. The study's main investigation theme this year is the effect the Brazil Brand on the internationalization of Brazilian companies. In an year the World Cup’s legacy to Brazil has been much discussed, we assess how positive or negative the country's image is in the various industries in which our multinational companies are present and how such an image affects business, while also comparing it to the strength of the companies’ own brands. Furthermore, we bring up the thematic of the opportunities Brazilian multinationals have glimpsed in Portuguese-speaking countries by taking advantage of shared historical and cultural bonds. The 9th edition of the survey once again presents a panorama of the internationalization of Brazilian companies by showing the countries and regions they are present in, their performance and their future expectations, as well as the trends regarding the expansion, stability or reduction of their operations in 2014. Besides the traditional ranking of companies based on their transnationality index according to the UNCTAD methodology, the study also includes the FDC Ranking of Franchise Internationalization for the fourth year in a row. This Ranking was developed by the FDC Strategy and International Business Center and it focuses on the particularities of international expansion through the franchising system. We hope that the knowledge generated by this study will allow the business, government and academic sectors to gain a better understanding of the internationalization process of Brazilian companies. This document is an executive summary of the survey and the following pages show its main results. Enjoy your reading! The Fundação Dom Cabral Strategy and International Business Center Team.
Idioma Inglês
Número de Referência 334.726(81) R211 2014

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